Information for suppliers

Dear Suppliers!

Conclusion of contracts for supply of food items is performed in accordance with contractor selection requirements.

You can send preliminary offers and product information to our category managers to their e-mails, listed here "Category management".

"Globus Gourmet" gastronomes offer its guests fresh products of the highest quality that is why we pay great attention to those, who supply us our goods. Exceptional quality and confidence in your partner that is the guarantee of long-term and effective cooperation stands.

We need to understand how well the supplier knows his own product, if he is able to provide stable and regular supplies of his assortment. The supplier’s professional integrity and reliability further aid "Globus Gourmet" to provide its buyers with assortment of the highest quality.

Out of over 12 000 SKUs that we offer most are exclusive offers, available only in "Globus Gourmet", these are imported to Russia especially for our gastronomes.

Meat and dairy produce are delivered from Moscow region, as well as European farms, all in terms of exclusive contracts. Meat from Argentine, Australia and New Zeeland, Scottish salmon, Spanish jamons, Italian and Austrian sausages — all these products were specially selected to be presented exclusively on the shelves of "Globus Gourmet".

Indeed, our suppliers have to face strict requirements, especially in relation to rules of transportation of perishable goods. The best way to confirm the right choice of partners is fresh meat from the most distant parts of the globe — Australia and New Zeeland.

Authors of the "Globus Gourmet" project with no exaggeration call it a shop, where the whole world is presented in one gastronomic way or another — Germany, Italy, USA, Greece, South Africa, Switzerland, Portugal, Japan, Austria, Czech Republic, Belgium, Denmark… the list goes on.

"Globus Gourmet" gastronomes are always open for cooperation with new partners. The wider the geography of our supplies — the more we can offer to our guests.

If you have a unique product, prepared with a special technology or using a home-made recipe, and it has gastronomic value, confirmed by local and international certificates , then it definitely should be on our shelves.