Our philosophy is what we think about food, what we believe in, reasons why we open our gastronomes, what are our company’s principles and what we want to tell our guests.

We love everything that we do. And that is the most important thing.

Our philosophy is as follows:

First of all – we always celebrate food.

You don’t need a special occasion to celebrate food. Everything that ends up on your table should bring you joy every day. No other way is acceptable.

Secondly, food should be of the highest quality only.

No exceptions. That is why, we keep an eye on their quality even after choosing the best products. We think that food can only be of the highest quality, anything less is unacceptable — that applies to all products in our gastronomes.

We thoroughly choose everything that is presented on our shelves: if the product is really the best in its category that you will definitely find it in our gastronomes. Nevertheless we are able to maintain a vast variety; we have all categories of food, which our guests may need.

Thirdly for us food is always a new discovery.

We are constantly travelling the world in search for something new and we try to share our experience and discoveries with visitors of our gastronomes.

We have the exclusive right to sell some of the world’s most known brands.

We jointly decide if one or another product deserves the right to be presented in our gastronomes, if it will be interesting for our guests, because we really want our guests to make a gastronomic discovery worth at least attention and at best admiration.

We respect our guests so we create a calm, pleasant and ambient atmosphere in our stores, which no other supermarket can provide. We protect our clients from commercials and obsessive advertisement. Everything we do is of the highest quality: our salesmen are ready to provide information on any product you may choose. We encourage curiosity and desire to know more about food: we always surprise our guests with gastronomic "weeks".

We love everything we do. And that is the most important thing.