About Globus Gourmet

Chain of Globus Gourmet gastronomes

“Globus Gourmet” is a gastronome with a wide range of everyday goods, as well as gourmet foods from all over the world that can satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated foodies. Not only food and original house appliances can be found in Globus Gourmet gastronomes, but ready to eat dishes of a restaurant level.

Not only food and original house appliances can be found in “Globus Gourmet” gastronomes, but ready to eat dishes of a restaurant level.

As for today, there are 5 “Globus Gourmet” stores operating in Moscow with 3 “Globus Gourmet Express” in Sheremetyevo airport, and 1 “Globus Gourmet” store in Saint-Petersburg in Repino.

Over 5000 people visit “Globus Gourmet” gastronomes daily. The average check amounts to (approx.) 2500 rubles.

The “Globus Gourmet” chain of gastronomes is listed as one of the best gastronomic shops in the world, but for us the first and the most important part is very fresh and delicious food!

Globus Gourmet gastronomes assortment

“Globus Gourmet” stores offer a variety of products for special occasion dinners, as well as for everyday family lunch or supper. That is why “Globus Gourmet” is not considered as gastronomic boutiques, but gastronomes. Nevertheless these are gastronomes where salesmen are able to provide full information about the product of interest, and the atmosphere itself makes shopping a pleasure.

The assortment of gastronomes amounts to over 10000 items, one third of which are exclusive products of world-known brands. “Globus Gourmet” works with over 500 suppliers, each of which has to face the highest demands towards quality of the products, their transportation and storage.

All products go through very thorough selection and are “self-tested”. If it is the best of its kind, then it will definitely be on our shelves.

The result of our pursuit of excellence in search of gastronomic solutions is proper and healthy food, prepared according to recopies of our mothers and grandmothers. Our food is more delicious than what you cook at home!

Not only traditional Russian foods (such as medovik cake, plov, pelmeni and meat pies) can be found in our gastronomes, but pot cheese and milk from local farms, best cheese from France, jamon from Spain, tea and coffee of the highest quality and delicious Belgian chocolate. We also offer a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, including ecologically clean and BIO products – all from local producers, these do not contain any GMO, preservatives and artificial flavors, which is confirmed by corresponding certificates.

Operator of the “Globus Gourmet” gastronomes chain and “Globus Gourmet Express”

The chain of “Globus Gourmet” Gastronomes and “Globus Gourmet Express” are operated by LLC “Stolichnaya Trading Company”.

The General Manager is Artyukhov R.A.